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Who are we?

Connecting Brands With High-End Audiences

We are an Award Winning Full Service Digital Marketing & Advertising agency delivering strategy that gets you ahead and keeps you there. We shape and activate brands by creating content that inspires the people our brands care about most. We deliver inspiring, eye-catching creatives and measurable campaigns to accelerate your growth.

Our Approach

Fast Moving, Highly Strategic, Results Driven and Brilliant Brand Storytellers

A brand building integrated creative agency built for the way business is done today. We work alongside clients as trusted partners rather than the traditional over the table approach. Passionate about marketing and responsive to our clients’ needs, we love creating truly engaging campaigns that strike a chord with your target audience. 


We thrive on creating intelligent, integrated marketing campaigns and seamless customer journeys that produce a measurable return on investment


We use market research and data analysis to understand the desires, wants and needs of your audiences ensuring we target the right messages 


Whether they are shopping online, buying instore or using their mobile; each interaction is recorded and linked to create a seamless user journey


We develop integrated marketing campaigns without channel bias, all channels must co-exist in an ecosystem creating consumer experiences that drive action


Measuring the contribution of all advertising channels, analysing & optimising every step of the customer journey to maximise conversions


Our data driven approach has the ability to bring analytics to life, allowing us to craft holistic marketing strategies that drives business results and ROI 

We can bring 
to your business

Crafting Digital Experiences That Turn Audiences Into Brand Advocates

Unrivalled service, creative thinking and industry leading strategies allow us to deliver award winning solutions for our clients.


Your Brand Is The Single Most Important Investment You Can Make In Your Business

Combining strategic thinking with creativity and technical know-how to help ambitious brands grow. We thrive on creating intelligent, integrated campaigns and seamless customer journeys. 

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What People Say

A Satisfied Customer Is The Best Source Of Advertisement

Our vision is to be the most customer oriented business in our industry and our mission is to go over and above what our customers expect from a world leading marketing and advertising agency. Our attitude towards our clients determines their attitude towards us. 

we have been


Our services

Transforming Your Vision Into Creative Results

We offer a fully integrated approach to strategic marketing planning and execution. We listen, we plan, we analyse, we build and we promote. Combining strategic thinking with creativity and technical know-how to help ambitious brands grow. We bring fresh perspective, creativity and an extensive knowledge of what works today to the table.



Creating impact through powerful identities and timeless Iconic design
branding strategy


Breathing life into brands by helping them retain relevance through the experiences they build


Unlocking the potential of every brand and setting the direction and vision for creative ideas.
seo agency 2


Improving your search visibility, increasing website traffic and making more sales.


Award winning team of PPC experts, passionate about performance, driving growth & conversions
Conversion rate optimisation


An effective conversion rate optimisation strategy can help convert more visitors Into customers.
social media marketing


Giving your brand a voice on social. We Leverage the power of social media and grow your followers and revenue.
website design 1


Bespoke Website Design & Ecommence solutions that Give your brand a competitive edge.
email marketing


Attract new customers, nurture and grow revenue. Its fast, cheap and highly effective.


Get a deeper understanding of customer acquisition & loyalty. Maximising Insights-Driven Growth
influencer marketing


Helping brands grow sales globally through feed-winning social content told by social media Influencers
tv advertising


Maximising the impact of your message through traditional offline marketing channels
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An expert knows all the answers - if you ask the right questions.

We believe in pushing boundaries and driving impactful growth for our clients through next generation data analytics and futuristic thinking. We focus on matching the right message to the right moment. To engage, to educate and, ultimately, to convert. 

Customer journey

Using advanced data analytics, AI and insights, we enable brands to deliver the right message to their customers at intent-driven moments of decision-making and preference-shaping that occur throughout the entire consumer journey


Omnichannel marketing creates a holistic and integrated seamless customer experience across all channels. Every touchpoint a customer has is unified, helping you become cost-efficient, ROI-oriented and customer centric.

Creative Storytelling

We harness the power of stories, told by the finest storytellers, to build a world around your brand that audiences want to explore and engage with. We craft stories using narrative design to improve the human experience.


We dig deep to understand what motivates your audience, what elements of your brand should be brought to life, and how to coalesce all of this into creating memorable experiences that reinforce your brand promise.


Meet The A Team

We’re quite a mixed bunch at Amor Digital Now. A group of passionate Optimists, Rebels, Creative Junkies, Brand Storytellers, Strategic Thinkers and Code Addicts. We believe we can shape the future. Enjoying what we do is our recipe for producing great work. It takes a broad range of skills and expertise to make sure we can provide the best solution for our clients, across the spectrum of digital marketing.

amor digital now mujahaid bin jamshaid 2

Mujahaid Bin Jamshaid

CEO & Founder

Mujahaid also known as 007 is our creative visionary and marketing guru. Started life out as an Investment Banker, his love for storytelling is hard coded into his DNA. A multi-award winning Film Producer & Director, he is an expert marketing professional with over 12 years industry experience. A perfectionist who is always raising the bar and loves to take “Selfies”  


Kate Barloni

Head Of Digital & OPERATIONS

Kate has an uncontrollable obsession with numbers, performance and results, so she’s naturally found a home at Amor flexing her management muscle and keeping the creatives in line. She likes to taunt the other Humans by avoiding board game sessions but loves to socialise on the outskirts. She is the perfect ying, to their nerd yang. Kate loves to shop at any given chance!


Tom Jacobs

Director Of Seo & Strategy

Tom has an healthy obsession with all roads that lead to the word optimisation, strongly believing in the intersection of design and technology. Constantly exploring and prototyping new ideas, he’ll jump at the chance to be involved in any aspect of a project. You may catch him reading Harry Potter or watching Games Of Thrones.


Kamila Sky

Head Of Social Media & PR

Passionista, maverick & a serious coffee addict. Kamila is  social media expert with over 15 years experience working with some of the world’s largest global brands. In her spare time she transforms into a competitive Latin dancer and enjoy teaching and taking zumba classes, going to the gym, and hiking.     


Rob Hughes

Head Of Data, Science & Analytics

Rob is passionate about data and analytics. He is the good looking nerd in our group that has an appetite for luncheon meats and making smart investments in fine ice-cream. In his spare time Rob utilises his creative talents in forex trading, experimenting with digital art, skiing and his obsession with crypto-currency Bitcoin.


Daisy Rivera

Creative Strategist & Brand Expert

Daisy is a award winning strategy pioneer with a decade-long experience in defining full-scale vision and digital transformation programmes for the world’s biggest brands, including GSK, Savills & Lloyd. She is the fashionista of the group and always stands out with her amazing wardrobe choices – image is everything to her!


Olivia Hall

Director Of Client Services

Olivia helps our clients achieve their brand vision in the digital space through strategic advice and streamlined project management.  She is an avid swimmer, runner and exercise junkie. Crocheting with a cup of tea in front of the telly? Yep you’ll find her doing that, too. Not to forget her obsession for travel. 65 countries+ counting.


Ella Perez

Creative Content Director

Ella’s soft spot is for thoughtful and simple design. She’s most curious about where communication meets psychology but won’t deny getting stupidly fixated on pixels either. Hot chip connoisseur, chocolate addict and celery nemesis; it’s not always about food – sometimes she talks about that show Suits too.


Jay Swift

Head Of Web Development & UX

Great designs & brilliant interactions are both key to keeping Jay enthusiastic about the web. When not pushing pixels or dropping code he can be found pondering his next hairstyle. He likes science, films, music, and buying books without reading them. If life is a box of chocolates then he would eat it all in one sitting.

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